Bia Bliss

Bia Bliss is a Somatic Sexologist, Embodiment Counsellor, Pleasure Coach and student of life. Her work directly addresses sexual and emotional healing, self-empowerment, and awakening personal inner truths. The learnings and breakthroughs Bia has experienced on her journey of self-healing and self-discovery has deeply inspired her to share her passion for sexual & emotional wholeness and embodied awakening with others.

.”“My passion for growth, connection and self-discovery started in 2001, while living in the United States, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I discovered tantra and embodiment practices to heal the body and the mind. I found these practices to be more effective than traditional talk therapies. The effects were so profound on my psyche, that I chose to abandon my psychology degree studies to pursue a career in holistic sexual healing instead. Since then, I have trained as a Sexological Bodyworker, Embodiment Counsellor and Sacred Sexuality (Tantra) Practitioner.

…….Since I began my healing journey a few years ago, I have released shame, guilt and limiting beliefs relating to social conditioning around sexuality and life in general by using a variety of embodiment modalities. The suppressed emotions stored in my body over the years finally found an outlet, and consequently my body began to heal.

…….I have learned how to love mу body, how to honour my body’s desires and boundaries, and how to be authentic when it comes to sexuality. This knowledge has enabled me to interact with the world in a healthier and more positive manner. My healing and personal growth has had a profound impact on my life, which now allows me to provide these benefits to you”.


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