Life changing

Bia is an amazing facilitator and her knowledge and skills brought me an awareness of myself that I never expected. Her gentle strength hand holds you through the scary bits of self discovery, but releases you to fly when you are ready. I walked into sessions with her not knowing what to expect, but always leaving with what I needed, and new internal discoveries that I could apply into my everyday life. Her sessions are truly life changing.

Jay A.

Very healing

Bia is a gifted healer. She is compassionate, warm, safe, a great listener and sensitive to my needs in the moment. Bia helped me to connect with a great deal of sadness and grief that was locked in my body. The sessions with her were beautifully healing for me and I felt very supported and safe to share some challenging personal history.
Thank you.
Dave T.

Highly recommended

Until hearing about the Body Bliss Clinic, I thought I would never be able to have a healthy physical relationship.  Bad past experiences had left their scars on me, as well as anxiety around inexperience.  I would jump at touch, and the idea of actually enjoying sex was unimaginable.  The initial work with Bia was slow and hard, but after a few sessions I began to see the benefits.  I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to work on improving this area of their life.

Blair M.


Often we find it hard to reach the core of our own issues as we are culturally continued to suppress and not express, resulting in deterioration of health in both a physical and mental capacity.   I respect the work Bia has embarked upon, to help people in an intimate way, emotionally and physically.    Bia helps us  recognise these stuck wounds and facilitates to move them through and out of the body. One session transformed me from a place of ‘stuck-ness’ to a place of freedom.
Bracken R.


Thanks so much Bia. The sessions were amazing, and it really helped me to cope with stress and anxiety. it is incredible the difference proper breathing makes.Thanks again!

Dianne K.


Bia is a well-trained sexological bodyworker. Bia creates a safe and comfortable environment to talk, without any judgement. I enjoyed my sessions with her and would love to recommend her service to others.


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